The Onboarding Engine for Internet Providers

Hum enables internet service providers to increase take rates by delighting residents and differentiating their offering in multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

Service Providers

Hum makes subscriber acquisition in MDUs a breeze

  • Increase take rates per building by getting to residents first then offering the most convenient subscription process
  • Reduce acquisition costs by only engaging with verified residents while they’re in a buying window
  • Differentiate your MDU offering with customized revenue sharing and billing rules and an enhanced ‘instant on’ resident experience
Multifamily Operators

Better internet experience for communities

  • Delight residents with a frictionless move-in and connect experience so internet is turned up before their couch is set down
  • New NOI via revenue share from Hum
  • Hands free for property managers with complete service automation via Hum’s integration with popular property management systems (PMS)
  • Exclusive discounts on internet for your residents

Smarter Subscriber Acquisition

Hum is the world’s first onboarding engine for multifamily internet providers. Connect with us to find out how we can partner to win by providing a better community internet experience.