Hum for Property Managers

Hum works with internet service providers to provide better internet service for residential communities.

Enhanced resident experience

Hum creates a seamless move-in ready experience for residents and enables service providers to communicate with residents directly and automatically in case of service disruptions.

Better than Community WiFi

Pay only for in-use units and earn incremental revenue share on plan upgrades selected by residents. Say goodbye to the one-size fits all, always billed, and spotty coverage of Community WiFi.

Hands free for property managers

Hum integrates with popular property management and HOA management systems for a completely hands off and automated experience for property managers and HOAs.

Support for Smart Building Apps

Hum leverages in-unit WiFi and common area WiFi integrations to create a community-wide network that supports smart home and building applications like leak detection, door access controls, thermostats and more.


These are the most commonly asked questions about working with Hum. Send us a note if you don’t see your question here!

What is bulk internet?

Bulk internet is a type of service option for multifamily properties where an internet service provider sells wholesale “bulk” internet service to a property owner, manager, or HOA at a significantly discounted rate in exchange for a minimum number of committed units.

What are the advantages of bulk internet?

Bulk internet is discounted significantly from the normal retail cost of home internet service. As a result, property owners, managers, and HOAs are able to earn significant revenue by reselling internet service as an amenity fee and marking up the wholesale “bulk” rate charged by service providers. Alternatively, service may be provided to residents at the fully discounted bulk rate with no markup as a leasing or sales incentive.

How much Net Operating Income per unit can I earn?

While it varies, we typically see property owners / managers earn between $360-$600 of net operating income (NOI) per unit annually. Hum can also increase NOI over traditional bulk deals by as much as 10%.

Can Hum be branded / white-labeled?

Yes! Hum can be customized on an individual property level for complete control of the resident experience branding.

Does Hum support bulk and non-bulk service for multifamily communities (resident choice)?

Yes! Hum’s flexible solution supports all types of service for residential properties. Contact us to see if Hum can work with your existing service provider.

Multifamily Operators

Let Hum find the best internet deal for your community

48% of surveyed tenants say they would not move into a multi-family unit with poor connectivity. Make your building the obvious choice for renters.

We have relationships with dozens of fiber internet service providers throughout the U.S. and Canada. If you are considering bulk fiber internet for your community, Hum can help you select the right service provider and then make sure they are Hum ready for the best experience, price, and service.